A ToiletTree Fogless Shower Mirror is Different

You are probably saying you have tried fogless shower mirrors in the past only to watch them fog up or have them destroy your bathroom walls.  It is true that there are other models and companies to choose from.  The difference is the fogless shower mirror from ToiletTree will deliver in every aspect imaginable.

The most important aspect of all that the ToiletTree fogless shower mirror will deliver in is its anti-fog mirror is that it truly will stay clear.  What separates this shower mirror from others is it’s easy to fill the reservoir that will eliminate any chance of fog from settling on the mirror.  All you do is poor warm water in the reservoir that sits behind the mirror and watches as the water neutralizes the mirror and air temperature to control fogging.

Other models on the market will fog up after a specified period.  With the ToiletTree fogless shower mirror, you can rest assured no matter how long the shower may be or how hot the water temperature gets; you will have a clear shower mirror to look into.

Next, you have to look at how this fog free shower mirror is mounted.  Many models on the market today will end up tearing up the wall, scrape slate or badly damage the beautiful tile.  Thanks to soft silicone that is placed behind the ToiletTree fogless shower mirror, this model of shower shaving mirror will safely adhere to virtually any wall surface without causing any damage whatsoever.

Not only this, but there are no suction cups to worry about.  A lot of times a fogless mirror for shower constantly falls to the ground thanks to weak suction cups that eventually lose their seal.  This is a strong and incredibly easy to remove the mount.

From there, you will quickly notice the kind of flexibility the ToiletTree fogless shower mirror has to offer.  Because it is relatively small in dimension, you can place it anywhere you want in the shower.  At just 6.5 inches x 8.5 inches x 1.5 inches, it will fit anywhere in your shower conveniently.

Because of this, it gives you the ability to place it any direction that you want to face in the shower.  It is much better than the fogless shower mirror products that connect to the shower neck which force you to face in the direction of the water.  All that leads to is an annoyance, as you are forced to deal with water spraying in your face.

In addition to this fog free shower mirror being convenient to the position, it is also adjustable.  Not everyone is the same height or will be using the mirror for the same reason.  Because of this, it is nice to have a mirror with an adjustable frame so you can pivot the fogless mirror for the shower at angles of all sorts.

What makes the ToiletTree fogless shower mirror one of the best fog free shower mirror options on the market today is the countless ways it can be used with guaranteed satisfaction.  For men, it can be used as a shower mirror-shaving tool or to pluck those little hairs in between the eyebrows.  For women, it can be used to remove makeup or to cleanse and exfoliate the face simply.

In fact, dermatologists highly recommend performing daily skin care regimen in the shower regardless of whether you are a male or female.  The reason for this is because the heat and moisture that accumulates in the shower help to open the pores thus promoting a healthier looking skin.  The use of shower mirrors can help quite a bit in regards to this.

If that were not sufficient, you would find the ToiletTree fogless shower mirror has a convenient shelf for your shower implements.  Whether it is being used as a fogless shower shaving mirror and you need to store razors, or if you need to place tweezers or cotton make-up remover pads on it, it makes for an easy clean-up.

In addition to the shelf on this nifty fog free shower mirror, there is a self-stored squeegee that is also included.  While no fog whatsoever will be evident on the mirror, some drops of water may splash at some point during the shower.  With the squeegee, you will be able to easily remove any drops of water that may splash on the mirror.

It is remarkable that a single fogless shower mirror could offer people so many benefits and reasons to purchase the product.  And the best part is this high-quality shower shaving mirror is reasonably priced at just under $30.  This is a product that is long lasting, durable, convenient, and allows you to multi-task.  Best of all, the ToiletTree Fogless Shower Mirror is ideal for anyone and everyone.

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